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Stryd Power Podcast

Nov 30, 2021

We recorded a podcast episode with John Trainor, the CTO at Wahoo, to discuss this new integration and how he uses Stryd with his Wahoo ELEMNT Rival. This episode is a great way to discover the incredible benefits of this integration!

The running power revolution is taking a big step forward today thanks to a new integration between Stryd and Wahoo!

Wahoo ELEMNT RIVAL now provides one of the best running with power experiences with full native Stryd compatibility.

Here is why this integration is noteworthy & among the best integrations available:

  • Full Stryd metric support
  • Execute power-based structured workouts on the Wahoo ELEMNT RIVAL watch
  • Import power-based workouts from TrainingPeaks to your Wahoo ELEMNT RIVAL watch
  • Customizable data screens
  • Automatic data syncing to the Stryd ecosystem
  • Syncing of Stryd's Critical Power directly to the watch
  • Power zone support
  • Complete support for Stryd’s pace & distance metrics