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Stryd Power Podcast

Mar 29, 2019

Welcome to the 5th episode of the Stryd Power Podcast! This episode covers 12 reasons that a running power meter makes you a better runner. 

The inspiration for this episode comes from Run with Power by Jim Vance. 


"In the history of running technology, a stopwatch is probably equivalent to using a typewriter—pretty good at its job, but severely limited in scope. Running’s step up to heart rate monitors was a revelation, but in retrospect, it was like moving from the typewriter to what we would now regard as an old, heavy, slow desktop computer.

Today’s GPS wrist units are like the first cellphones, much like a flip-phone. The portable power meter for running is the next step, equivalent to the laptop, tablet, and smartphone coming into existence all at once. And while you can still accomplish a lot with a desktop computer, you likely will be much more effective in many ways if you add the laptop, tablet, and smartphone to your arsenal.

This is what the power meter brings to the world of training and racing for competitive running." Here are just some of the ways a power meter for running can positively affect your training and performance:

Boost Your Training Specificity

Improve Your Running Technique

Your Power Numbers Don’t Lie

Monitor Injuries

Know Truly How Hard You’re Training

Better Recovery

Power Meters Offer Precision Tapering

Warm-Up Without Wasting Energy

Power-to-Weight Ratios

Speed per Watt

Pacing to Win

Know When to Open the Throttle

For all this information and more you can read Run with Power by Jim Vance